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What do I need to do now? 

  1. Please contact Eve to arrange your first appointment via email or telephone. See our contact page for details. 

  2. Check us out of Instagram or Facebook to get an idea of what Even Stride Veterinary Physiotherapy is all about! 

  3. Be prepared to fill out a form that Eve will send you detailing basic information about your animal including name, age, home environment, workload and more.

  4. Eve will need to contact your vet to gain their consent for treatment to occur.  Veterinary Physiotherapists can not legally treat an any animal without your veterinarians consent to do so. This protects your animal from uninformed treatment that may not benefit them if they have underlying medical problems. 

  5. If you wish to claim on insurance please contact your insurance company prior to treatment. 

  6. Start looking forward to your pet receiving physiotherapy treatment and come up with any questions you may have and we will be happy to answer them! 

Exemptions to treatment 

There can be occasions where a situation arises so that the veterinary physiotherapist is unable to treat your animal. The veterinary physiotherapist reserves the right to refuse treatment at any time. Reasons may include:

  • Lack of veterinarian consent - there may be an underlying issue that your vet wishes to address before physiotherapeutic treatment can occur. We will work closely with your vet until they believe physiotherapy will benefit your animal. 

  • Sudden illness/ lameness - if your pet has an unexplained illness or lameness upon assessment then they cannot be treated until they are examined by a veterinarian. Previous issues that your vet is aware of can be treated. If your pet becomes ill/lame before your appointment please let us know as soon as possible. If we can not treat your animal the session will still be charged at a 50% discount to cover fuel and time costs. 

  • Aggressive behaviour (of animal or owner) - any seriously threatening behaviour will result in treatment being withdrawn. However, we wish to treat every animal no matter their quirks so we are happy to take the time to make your animal feel comfortable! 

If you would like a maintenance treatment for your pet then this does not require veterinary referral. This means that your pet must have no underlying or previous medical history of any musculoskeletal related issues. 

Below is a form to be filled out by veterinarians to collect medical history and consent to veterinary physiotherapy treatment. However, Eve will contact your vet directly to gain their consent prior to treatment. 


Image by Jamie Street
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