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Services and Treatments

Even Stride Veterinary Physiotherapy specialises in equine and canine physiotherapy treatments. We are a mobile service meaning the stress of travel and overwhelming environments is taken out of the equation.

Below are the current treatments available to you and your animal provided by a qualified and insured physiotherapist. Sessions can aim to help rehabilitation after surgery, increase fitness levels and prevent injury. Treatments can benefit all types of animals and will be bespoke in order to optimise benefits for your pet. 


Massage provides pain relief and relaxation for your pet by improving blood circulation and promoting healing of tissues. 


TENS is an easy to use electrotherapy that creates small muscle contractions to provide deeper pain relief and muscle relaxation. These can be loaned out to you to use in-between sessions if needed.

Remedial Exercises 

Remedial exercise is vital for for maintaining strength and condition of your animal in between treatments. A tailored exercise programme will be made for your pet after every session to guarantee improvement that will help prevent injuries and improve performance. 

Therapeutic LASER

Infrared light therapy is a therapeutic treatment that provides pain relief and enhances healing by targeting mitochondria at a cellular level. 

Epiony Heat Pad

This heat pad effectively warms muscle and other tissues to relieve pain and tension therefore improving you animals muscle state, movement and mood. 


Mobile, Friendly Service 

Sessions will take place at your yard or home reducing stress for your animal. Appointments can be worked out around your schedule. Our service always comes with a smile and any queries will be answered with enthusiasm. 

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