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Canine Physiotherapy

Canine Sessions

Veterinary Physiotherapy is an essential tool for ensuring your dog has a full and healthy life. Dogs can often over-exert themselves during exercise causing micro-traumas that eventually lead to injury. 

Relieving pain and therefore improving your dogs happiness is paramount. Physiotherapy sessions can help to decrease healing times after injury as well as helping to prevent injuries occurring by maintaining muscle and skeletal systems. If you want your dog to love their walks, feel their best and keep going despite their age then veterinary physiotherapy sessions will benefit you and your best friend. 

All canine physio sessions are taken at the dog's own pace with allowance for behavioural issues or anxieties. We always aim for sessions to be relaxing and fun for all involved. Sessions take place in your own home reducing the stress of vet visits and meaning your dog does not have to struggle in or out of the car. 

Canine physiotherapy can help with: 

  • Osteoarthritis 

  • Elderly dogs slowing down 

  • Behavioural issues that are related to pain

  • Agility/ showing dogs being on their best form

  • Post Cruciate ligament surgery

  • Post amputation surgery 

  • Dogs that struggle to lose weight 

  • Neurological disorders 

  • Improving fitness 

  • Improving muscle mass and symmetry 

  • Improving the posture and way of going of your dog

We now offer canine hydrotherapy swims and underwater treadmill sessions at our clinic days in Earl Shilton on Wednesdays. 

Please contact Eve via email or phone to arrange an appointment for your dog. We will ask you for some basic details about your dog prior to treatment. Your vet will also be contacted to confirm their consent for treatment to take place. Please see our What do I need to do now? page for more details. 

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