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Equine Physiotherapy

Equine Sessions

Veterinary Physiotherapy is an important addition to every horse owners team. Alongside vets, farriers, saddlers and chiropractors, physiotherapy is crucial for keeping your horse healthy, happy and strong. 

Horses are not anatomically designed to carry a rider or complete the work we ask of them on a daily basis. Therefore, it is our responsibility as owners to provide care for them that will allow them to strengthen their bodies and condition their musculoskeletal system to prevent injuries occurring.

Equine physiotherapy uses a variety of treatments to optimise the horse in a holistic fashion by relieving pain, increasing functionality and improving overall performance. 

These fundamental therapies can make all horses happier and can help the equine athlete to give them the edge over competition at any level in any discipline. 

Equine physiotherapy is especially useful in rehabilitation cases when providing short and long term treatments to improve their condition and maintain soundness. Physiotherapy can help: 

  • Relieve pain 

  • Improve chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and laminitis 

  • Build muscle and improve fitness

  • Conditions such as kissing spine by creating a rehabilitation plan 

  • Improve general locomotion or way of going of the horse 

  • Provide you with a happier horse who is more willing to work for you 

  • Solve behavioral issues that are actually due to pain 

  • Increase athletic ability and improve performance

Please contact Eve via email or phone to arrange an appointment for your horse. We will ask you for some basic details about your horse prior to treatment. Your vet will also be contacted to confirm their consent for treatment to take place. Please see our What do I need to do now? page for more details. 

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