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Welcome to Even Stride Veterinary Physiotherapy


Even Stride Veterinary Physiotherapy

  • Veterinary Physiotherapy is a science based profession that takes a holistic approach to the treatment of animals.

  • Vet physio combines thorough assessment, effective immediate treatment and tailored home management programmes to provide the optimum experience for you and your pet.

  • Vet physiotherapy is a versatile option for all animals. Treatments can be for maintenance to keep your animal feeling amazing or for rehabilitation assistance to make sure your pet gets back to their best self. 

  • Conditions such as arthritis, kissing spine, muscle damage and many more all benefit hugely from physiotherapeutic help. 

Why choose Even Stride Veterinary Physiotherapy? 

We are determined to provide you and your animal with a professional, effective and overall compassionate service. Even Stride Veterinary Physiotherapy will deliver on-going care and attention with a fully qualified BSc (Hons), insured and NAVP regulated professional to get you back on track.  

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Everything We Offer

Mobile, Friendly Service

Effective Assessments and Treatments

Tailored Exercise Programmes

Various treatments and rehabilitation techniques are used with the aim to restore the musculoskeletal system back to full function and strength. These treatments will be tailored to your animal to create the best outcome for them and include in-session treatments as well as post-session homework. This combined approach leads to faster and more widespread results!

  • Massage 

  • PEMF therapy  

  • LASER therapy

  • Epiony heat pad therapy  

  • Stretching 

  • And more!

We come to you and currently cover the Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland areas but please do still contact us if you are further afield. 

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